The Meth Minute 39 was the first original series on Channel Frederator, and one of the earliest regularly scheduled series on distributed on YouTube. 

Creator Dan Meth came to my wife’s attention with his Shofar Idol (the prequel to the runaway hit Hebrew Crunk) and she persuaded me to hook him up with Frederator. When we were producing our fourth big idea happy factory Random! Cartoons, Dan pestered me to start our first completely solo incubator. "Internet People" (the only branded content ever commissioned for tumblr by David Karp and Marco Arment) was the breakout hit, but there are at least 38 more that give it a run for its money. 


From the postcard back:

You are one of 200 people
to receive this limited edition
Frederator postcard!


Over the past twenty years I’ve been involved
with a lot of cartoon series, with some just at
the seed stages, on others over the course of
entire runs and beyond. In every case, though,
I’ve considered myself gratified and thankful to
be traveling in the cartoon cosmos.
–Fred Seibert

The Meth Minute 39
Created by Dan Meth
Channel Frederator premiere September 5, 2007 

Series 21.14 [mailed out April 14, 2014]

A Nuclear Bomb Creates Spongebob: The Bikini Bottom Theory

This week, we’re looking at the “Spongebob and Nuclear Bomb Theory" which claims that Spongbob Squarepants and the rest of Bikini Bottom is the result of nuclear radiation.

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Attention WonderCon Attendees!!
Ed Skudder will be at booth #1413 with Lynn Wang, and Andrea Fernandez and Trevor Spencer of Alkemy Studio. They’ll be showing their short film Solstice and selling art prints. 
New Golden Age of Animation Panel
Come see Ed Skudder and Zack Keller, the creators of Dick Figures, and Frederator’s own Eric Homan on the New Golden Age of Animation Panel on Friday at 7:30 in Room 208 ! We’ll be talking about the past and present of animation as we move into the age of Internet cartoons.


Going to be at Wondercon in Anaheim this weekend! If any of you are going, swing by booth #1413 and say hi to me, edskudder, drawdoll and trevorwspencer!!!! We’re going to be selling some original and fan art prints and showing Solstice again. :) 

If you’re at Wondercon this weekend, be sure to stop by booth #1413!!

And if you haven’t seen Solstice yet… GET ON IT.


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Another silly short with some help from @digsbot.

This one is like … omg … so fucking dumb … like really really dumb, but i had this audio for some time and i wanted to practice my acting which is one of the many things i suck at.

Anyways … watch it ? no ? ok … 


Watch the latest animation from francisyfl and digsbot!


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"The Maker’s Mark" Episode 11 of Damaged: (With New Animator, Craig Yamamoto) Emily leads her friends back to her original factory in hopes of finding both her missing brother, TJ and her arm. She discovers more than she bargained for. 

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Here’s the newest episode of Cartoon Conspiracy! 

It’s all about the Tangled/Frozen/The Little Mermaid conspiracy!

I got to film this one with a fancy camera on green screen with lights and stuff - you know, like a professional. So you should check it out just for that reason (but also because this episode is super cool). 

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DAY Z Cartoon by SamGreenMedia

Have you played DAY Z?!



I made super dumb silly short toon about Michael Bay’s TMNT movie. It doesn’t really make sense, but basically Bowz started it, then RicePirate and Twisted Grim made one and all the cool kids were doing it…and I wanted to be cool…soooo yeeaah. 

Hilarious new TMNT parody by digsbot

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Pokémon VS. Digimon! by Crunchlins

Which do YOU prefer? Let us know in the comments!